Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome to the Daleverse!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be the first to welcome you to the next step in internet pleasure...


I wanted to say hello world.  But you aren't the world.  No, you are a select few who have decided that you enjoy listening to me talk.  You have somehow found me, Dale, and fallen into my orbit. Congratulations on whatever good decisions in life brought you here.

Is it colder in America or what?
I enjoyed writing my blog so I'm just going to crack on.  In honor of my loosely titled, I have managed an even more all-encompassing title. Mostly so that I never have to change it again.

For the moment, I am loosely based in the state of North Carolina.  Bouncing between my father's house, my mother's, or my brother's.  So far in the past two months, I've visited Boston twice (for a pretty girl), West Virginia (for a pretty boy... and some snowboarding), and Washington D.C. (for a number of pretty people).  I find the weather terrifyingly cold, but the food titillatingly delicious.  These have most unfortunately combined into 17 pounds of extra me.  BUT FOOD IS SO GOOD.

What the future holds is uncertain.  I need a job and am quite loose on the where aspect of that search.  Honestly that makes the search harder.  But here is where you come in: you miss me, I know, but YOU have the power to decide where I live... just find me an awesome job there.

Well, the hell are you waiting for?  Start the search.

Oh, and because I FINALLY can, here is goodbye to the Peace Corps.