Friday, November 1, 2013

Television Confessions

Welp, I've been here for over a year and people keep asking me "what have you done with your time?"  A lot really.  Here, let's go through a little list.

Community - 4  I'm known in Peace Corps houses around the country for my laugh because of this show.
New Girl - 2  This one reminds me of my life in DC.  Also, I may be in love with Zooey Deschanel.  Sorry, Pete.
Happy Endings - 3  Another one that reminds me of life left behind.  Damn, I miss inexplicable shenanigans.  Also my friends.
The League - 2  As close as I can get to football.  And I crave a fantasy trophy I can never even see.
The Walking Dead - 1  Because I love zombies.
The Big Bang Theory - 5  American geek comedy.  I'm a geek, pure and simple. 
IT Crowd - 4  British geek comedy.  Continuing with the theme.
Elementary - 1  I have a relatively well known obsession with anything Sherlock Holmes.  And fell in love with Lucy Lu in Lucky Number Sleven.  Thus the perfect series.
Game of Thrones - 1  Fantastic books, fantastic show.  Tyrion is a personal idol of mine.
House of Cards - 1  Speaking with idols (and taking a dark turn).  I might kill a man if Kevin Spacy asked me to.
Deadwood - 3  Pretty sure given the time period and a shitty upbringing, I would be Al Swearengen.
Justified - 4  Timothy Olyphant's character Raylan Givens is everything that I want to be as a man.
True Blood - 1  And finally, everyone needs their guilty pleasures.

The numbers beside each show is how many season I've watched since I've gotten here.  Totaling… 32 seasons.  Yea, that's a lot of TV.  It appears I will NOT be totaling up the number of films I've seen.  Excuse me while I go introduce myself to my neighbors.  Knew I was neglecting something...