Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Monster in Me

She had been watching me through the crack in the courtyard door for some time.  What is this strange, pale creature?  It looks to be a man, but unlike any man before seen.  An older child enters and takes her by the hand to the back of the courtyard where the rest of the family lives.  I stop my reading on the porch and sit inside by the window to work.

Eventually she wanders back around front.  Alone and brave.  Curious to see where I had gone, she edges closer to my door.  Poor thing never sees my eyes peering out the window.  I press against the wall by the door and wait.  She cautiously steps over the threshold… I pounce in front of her on all fours letting out a low howl.  Screaming, she falls backwards.  Scrambles on all fours crying.

I laugh at our little game.  And so do the other children who now comfort her.  But she's not like to forgive me any time soon.