Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mount Ngaoundere

Presented with some free time, I'm hiding out in the city of Ngaoundere.  Ngaoundere is the regional capital of the Adamawa region.  Quick geography lesson (pull out your handy Cameroonian map you likely keep beside your desk):  Cameroon is composed of ten regions.  The two western most regions Southwest and Northwest are "anglophone" which I put in quotes because I've never understood a word any anglophone has ever said to me.  Then you have the West, Littoral, and Centre all sort of in the middle with money and govenerment and such.  Next up we have the South, conveniently located in the south, and the East which is a huge rainforest complete with pigmies.  Finally, there is the Grand North, my home, consisting of the Adamawa, North, and Extreme North.

The Adamawa may be in the Grand North, but it doesn't resemble the Extreme in the least.  It is lush and green and cool and hilly and it rains a lot.  The North is at least arid and hot, if not as deserty as the Extreme (they cheat too and have working rivers).  This Adamawa thing is just a whole new world.

Look how green that is!
I'm staying around because it looks like I might be posted in this crazy new place.  I was rather enjoying being a cowboy in the dusty desert, but I think I could get used to this weather.  Though how you do laundry with it raining all the damn time is a mystery.  Yesterday a few of us went on a run through town and climbed Mount Ngaoundere.  I was a little sad that I never got to climb the big mountain in Maroua, so I'd be damned if I missed this one (from what I can tell every big city comes with a mountain here, though Maroua's stands on its own in a vast plain).  The view was breathtaking.  In part because it followed a run and a climb, but still.

This could be my new home base.