Sunday, February 24, 2013


Water fell from the sky yesterday.  Hadn't seen that one in awhile.  Per usual, the Americans drew strange looks from Cameroonians as anyone from the Grand North ran outside to stand in it.  I should have snagged a few photos of us arms spread staring straight up like kids in a winter's first snow.

Two and a half months is really not a long period of time, but... it is just the strangest thing to never see rain.  Weather has always been unpredictable for me and everywhere I've ever lived has had rain pretty regularly.  I'm not the sort of person to check the weather; I just go outside and look at the sky.  And I get rained on a lot because of it.  The Extreme North (and the two other regions making up the Grand North) are completely dry for months at a time.  I can just leave things outside and it doesn't matter.  Because I know, with a hundred percent confidence (take that weathermen of the world), that it will not rain.

I think I miss rain.  I don't think about it often and sort of just got used to it.  The climate in Bogo is awesome.  It's like I'm living in the wild west and expect to run into Clint Eastwood around any corner.  Yea it is hot and going to get much hotter, but I'm vaguely getting used to that.  Plus you just hide inside of under the shade.  If you are rich, you sit in front of a fan.  I do miss bodies of water.  Also, having a river of sand is just weird.  I'd happily take a creak.  A bit of rain is a requirement for that from what I'm told.