Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Charlestonian Family

I spent Sunday at the beach (surprise!).  Perfect weather.  You don't know perfect weather until you've spent May and June in Charleston, SC.  Jared, my handsome, healthy, and fit roommate, swears that come July the heat and humidity will attempt to kill me.  Or at the very least make my days and evenings on the porch much sweater.  But that is then, this is now.

Sunday evening capped off a perfect day with a meal on said porch in said weather with my Charlestonian family.  Here, why don't I introduce you?

We have the above mentioned Jared.  A world traveler, surfer, gardener, etc. who reminds me how much one person can accomplish.  And that I should be eating healthier.  The lovely Cindy, a smart, hard working med student  who Kevin has selfishly stolen from the world.  She's also an incredible social animal and can work a room like I've never seen.  She was the esteemed chef of the evening.  And finally Kevin, who most of you likely know, one of my oldest and certainly longest serving friends.  High School and College, trips to Italy and Ireland, lived with in Chapel Hill and now Charleston, complete with plenty of adventures in between.  Fairly confident I've been more places with him than without.

The delicious meal:  Salmon baked in olive oil, ginger, soy sauce, and lemon.  Mashed potatoes.  Broccoli with cheese.  And a fresh salad to start.  Seems wherever I go, one thing is for certain: I am eating well and with good people.  I am not sure why Cindy felt we were deserving of such a meal, but I certainly owe her a boon.

La vita รจ bella.