Sunday, June 24, 2012

A bemusement of Lindsay's

We were in rare form yesterday.  And when I say "rare form", I want you to take into account I'm on some sort of vacation reminiscent of Murray's grand adventure in Groundhog's Day.  I do not have proper superlatives to express our state.  We celebrated the birth of Jared the Great in a spectacular fashion.

I have no regrets.

But I may owe an apology.  To some number of Lindsay's.  I am not sure exactly how I managed this.  Or to what extent the damage may be.  But I have received a number of notifications from the beloved facebook informing me that various Lindsay's have accepted my friend requests.  I am sure you are all spectacular people, but I do not believe we've actually had the pleasure of meeting.  Unless you girls get together for incredibly confusing conventions and I happened to wander into one last night.  We were joined by two of my already-friended Lindsay's come to think of it...  There may be more to that theory than meets the eye.

To the gracious few who accepted my requests:  Enchanté!  Piacere! And otherwise welcome to the fold.  I suppose I've grown friendships from stranger beginnings.  Lacking grace, I present to you entertainment.