Friday, May 18, 2012

Priviet, Russia!

Right, so Blogger or Blogspot or whatever it is I am using to blog tracks all these different statistics.  And if you weren’t as incredibly self-assured as myself, you might spend hours every day pondering over them.  I did happen to take a look; ya know just to see what there is to see.

Congratulations, readers!  You are part of an international community!

USA for the win.

Now, I know you are all excitedly telling everyone you know to check out this hilarious blog your friend is writing.  And that’s exactly what you should be doing… but I have a question.

Who the fuck is reading this thing in Russia?  Pretty sure I don't know anyone in Russia (though presumably I'm wrong).  I mean… I can shout out to Japan.  Konnichiwa, Sarrin (and thanks Wu-tang clan for the linguistic lesson).  I can say “hola” to Boss Tony down in Nicaragua and to Faith in Honduras.  Sarah is hanging out in London, the only English speaking place on the list aside from the good ole US of A.  I’d venture a guess that South Korea is my boy Mekale or Miss Anna.  And Germany… OK, I’ve no idea on Germany either.  Still, Russia is number three on the list!

Well, to whoever you are: Priviet, my Russian friend.  Kak dela?  (This Russian brought to you by a cute girl in college I was trying to impress.)